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Capitol Report (June 1): Sec. Yellen Admits Miscalculated Inflation; Key Factors Driving Inflation?

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted that she was wrong about rising inflation. She was among those who initially said that inflation would be temporary, if at all.

Vance Ginn is chief economist at the Texas Public Policy Institute, and he’ll be joining us to assess the key factors driving inflation.

What’s the administration’s latest step to address the ongoing baby formula shortage? We bring you more from a roundtable President Joe Biden hosted with manufacturers.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is pushing lawmakers in his state to look at solutions to prevent future school shootings. We’ll tell you what his proposals are. How are lawmakers on Capitol Hill responding to heightened political pressure across the nation?

The United States will send more weapons to Ukraine, including high-tech rocket systems. But Ukraine is promising they will not use these to hit targets on Russian territory.

The Supreme Court votes to temporarily block a Texas law that prevents social media platforms from censoring users. Abbott said he signed the bill into law last year to protect free speech. But representatives of major social media platforms say the Texas law is unconstitutional.

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