Canada’s Military to Update Plan on Cyclone Helicopters After Crash in Greece

June 16, 2020 Updated: June 16, 2020

OTTAWA—The Canadian military is promising today to share its plan for getting Cyclone helicopters back in the air after a deadly crash off the coast of Greece in April.

Officials have not revealed what caused the Cyclone known as Stalker 22 to crash, killing six service members.

A preliminary report released last week said only that the helicopter did not respond as the crew expected before it went down in the Ionian Sea while coming in for a landing on HMCS Fredericton.

The investigation is now focusing on what the military has described as “aircraft systems and human factors.”

The entire Cyclone fleet was put on what the military called an “operational pause” after the crash as a precaution.

At a briefing in Ottawa, military officials are to talk about how and when the pause ends.