Canada-US Border Restrictions Won’t Be Lifted Until COVID-19 Is Under Control: Trudeau

December 2, 2020 Updated: December 2, 2020

Canada will not lift border restrictions on non-essential travels with the United States until the COVID-19 pandemic is significantly controlled, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday.

Canada and the United States agreed on the border restrictions in March this year, and has extended the ban several times on a monthly basis.

“Until the virus is significantly more under control everywhere around the world, we’re not going to be releasing the restrictions at the border,” Trudeau said at a press briefing on Dec. 1.

“We are incredibly lucky that trade in essential goods, in agricultural products, in pharmaceuticals is flowing back and forth as it always has.”

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) updated its border service programs on Dec. 1, indicating that bans on Canada-U.S. travel will last into early 2021.

“NEXUS and FAST enrollment centres in Canada will remain closed until at least January 11, 2021. NEXUS and U.S./Canada FAST interview appointments continue to be temporarily suspended at both Canadian and U.S. enrollment centres until at least January 11, 2021,” said a CBSA advisory.

As of mid-day on Dec. 2, Canada’s COVID-19 case count stood at 386,717, with 66,831 of those considered active cases, and 12,301 total deaths.