Canada Should Put the Economy First and Support the Resource Sector

March 12, 2020 Updated: March 12, 2020

Canada’s economy has always depended on natural resources. Our history and culture reflect tough, rugged trappers and fishermen, farmers and loggers, miners and oil-and-gas workers.  Every village, town, and city across our nation was built and went on to thrive due to natural resources.

Now, Canada’s economy largely depends on the oil and natural gas sector getting these resources to market. People from near and far who are opposed to resource development should never again be able to block critical rail lines to the detriment of all Canadians.

Canada has a willing and eager population of Indigenous people who want good jobs. They want to be self-sustaining and enjoy well-being and self-respect. They want to demonstrate to everyone that they are a valuable asset to the country. Many are ready, willing, and able to be trained in order to join the workforce in the natural gas and oil sector. A great number of ambitious and forward-thinking Indigenous leaders have been an active part of the process, while there are some who aren’t sure this is heading in the right direction. Clinging to the past is not going to give hope to intelligent young Indigenous people who want to live prosperous lives.

It’s past time for Canadian governments at all levels to put the economy first and give business leaders and workers committed, reliable, and long-term support in the energy resource industry.

Leone Wright

Surrey, British Columbia

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