Canada: Fire at Residence du Havre in L’Isle-Verte Near Quebec Leaves 3 Dead, 30 Missing

January 23, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A fire at a senior home near Quebec, Residence du Havre, left three people dead and 30 missing.

Photos of the home show rubble still smoking on Thursday after the overnight fire. The remains of the building turned into ice as the temperature is -19 Celsius.

Police in L’Isle-Verte, a small town near Quebec, said that they are investigating the fire.

Mario Michaud, a resident, said he saw a neighbor try to ring a ladder to rescue his mother from a second-floor balcony inside the complex.

“He couldn’t reach her. She burned on the balcony,” Michaud told the Globe and Mail. “Her boy, he broke down. It wasn’t pretty.”

That neighbor was treated for smoke inhalation.

“It’s a shock for everyone. Some are still looking for their parents but we’re certain that our mother has died. She was on the balcony and there was too much smoke … the building has collapsed so she’s still in the rubble,” the neighbor’s brother said. “She was 88 but we would have preferred losing her in another way.”

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