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The Nation Speaks

Cindy Drukier

Oct 1, 2022
A decade after the first states legalized marijuana for recreational use, it’s become a thriving industry. Today, recreational use is allowed in 19 states plus Washington, D.C., with another five states voting on legalization in November. A total of 37 states allow the medical use of marijuana. Clearly, acceptability is on the rise. At the same time, cannabis has gotten much, much more potent, with THC levels now as high as 100 percent in some products, compared to less than 2 percent for most weed smoked in the 1960s. We speak with Ben Cort, author of “Weed, Inc.: The Truth About the Pot Lobby, THC, and the Commercial Marijuana Industry.” He explains how we’ve been down this road before, with Big Marijuana being no different from Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. Next, in America Q&A, we ask: If you could give President Joe Biden one piece of advice, what would it be? Then we look at marijuana’s medical impact. Is it the dream drug it was billed as, or are there unintended side effects? Dr. Ken Finn, president of the American Board of Pain Medicine, and co-Vice President of the International Academy on the Science and Impacts of Cannabis (IASIC), has some surprising answers. Finally, in our second America Q&A, we ask: What’s your concept of a fruitful day? * Click the "Save" button below the video to access it later on "My List." Follow EpochTV on social media: Twitter: Rumble: Truth Social: Gettr: Facebook: Gab: Telegram: BUY Jan 6 DVD:, Promo Code “Cindy” for 20% off.
      Finding Manny | Documentary
    About the show
    The Nation Speaks hosted by Cindy Drukier, is a weekly current affairs show by NTD. At The Nation Speaks, our goal is to truly rise above the noise to focus on substance vs partisan talking points. We come at issues from different angles, talking to experts, newsmakers, and to regular Americans because we want to know how issues affect real people.
    About Cindy Drukier
    Cindy Drukier has a Masters degree in political science and started reporting in 2005. She has since been a world news editor, media trainer, producer, and show host. She’s lived on three continents and speaks five languages. Cindy is also the producer of the award-winning documentary "Finding Manny” about her Holocaust-survivor father.
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