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Larry Elder

Jan 17, 2022
What’s the deal with people wearing Che Guevara t-shirts? In today’s anti-racism culture, it seems the “woke” turn a blind eye to the real Che Guevara. In this episode, Larry shares commentary from Humberto Fontova, who documents the Argentine Marxist revolutionary’s blatant racist, homophobic, and murdering history. He also points out how the mainstream media pushes an ignorant and romanticized image of Che Guevara. Follow EpochTV on Facebook and Twitter "The Larry Elder News Show" is available on YouTube, Youmaker, and EpochTV. It also airs on cable on NTD America. Find out where you can watch us on TV.
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      About the show
      Syndicated radio talk show host Larry Elder has teamed up with the Epoch Times in a weekly show to give you his take on the latest issues facing America today. In a day and age of sensationalist, emotionally charged news coverage, Larry jumps straight to the facts and breaks down some of the nation’s most controversial topics to shed light on today’s current events.
      About Larry Elder
      Larry Elder is an American conservative talk radio host, author, attorney, and documentary filmmaker who hosts The Larry Elder Show. He’s known to his listeners as the “Sage From South Central” and host of the YouTube channel Larry Elder with Epoch Times that has over 53 million views as of May 2021. Larry hosted, for 15 years, the longest-running afternoon drive-time radio show in Los Angeles. He’s the executive producer of the documentary ‘Uncle Tom: An Oral History of the American Black Conservative.’
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