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Sept 20, 2021
Leaders and politicians from around the world are calling for action against Beijing’s human rights abuses, as China’s practice of organ harvesting from non-consenting donors has been largely ignored for years. A major U.S. film studio is looking toward China’s checkbook. Universal Studios’ largest resort sees its grand opening in ...
Huawei Eyes Lead in 6G Technology Race
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Tiffany Meier is the host of NTD’s “China in Focus”, dedicated to a truthful presentation on China. With her unwavering commitment to finding and presenting the facts, the show has grown to over half a million subscribers since its launch in late February, 2019, and has received overwhelming support and positive feedback. Tiffany is dedicated to truth and integrity, and a return to journalistic standards in her reporting about China. With a network of underground sources in China she has stayed ahead of the curve. Viewers say she presents tomorrow’s news today.