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Tiffany Meier

May 16, 2022
Is China decoupling from the outside world? The Chinese regime says it wants the opposite. But sweeping lockdown measures are driving foreigners and their businesses out of the country. At the same time, more restrictions are on the way for Chinese citizens going abroad, while the values praised by the regime drift farther from Western principals. Shanghai’s lockdown takes a toll on the auto industry. Not a single car was sold in the city in April. Some of China’s community banks say they don’t have enough paper bills to support cash withdrawals, and it’s been going on for a while. And Beijing may be stepping up its aggression near Australia. A Chinese spy ship has been spotted off the Australian coast. Topics in this episode: Economic Woes: Shanghai Sold No Cars in April State Media Appeals to Foreign Firms to Stay 7hrs Stuck on a Bus: Beijing Tightens Restrictions Shanghai Restaurant Blocked Off, Owner Collapses 5 Chinese Community Banks Can't Process Withdrawals Chinese Ship 'Aggressive Act': Aus. Official Fmr Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine: Russia Failed Falun Dafa Day Celebration in Ukraine, Russia Chinese Owned Peruvian Mine Sparks Protests Chinese Mining Companies Hit Obstacles Overseas Japan's Okinawa to Become a Front Line Again? Have other topics you want us to cover? Drop us a line: And if you’d like to buy us a coffee: Subscribe to our newsletter for more first-hand news from China. Follow China in Focus on social media: Twitter: Truth Social: Gettr: Facebook: Gab: Telegram: Click the “Save” button below the video to access it later on “My List” Follow EpochTV on social media: Twitter: Rumble: Truth Social: Gettr: Facebook: Gab: Telegram:
            Special Report: The Pandemic’s Wall Street Connection
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          "China in Focus" is a new Youtube channel created by NTD to provide viewers with fast, compelling, first-hand news from China.
          About Tiffany Meier
          Tiffany Meier is the host of NTD’s “China in Focus”, dedicated to a truthful presentation on China. With her unwavering commitment to finding and presenting the facts, the show has grown to over half a million subscribers since its launch in late February, 2019, and has received overwhelming support and positive feedback. Tiffany is dedicated to truth and integrity, and a return to journalistic standards in her reporting about China. With a network of underground sources in China she has stayed ahead of the curve. Viewers say she presents tomorrow’s news today.
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