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Sept 20, 2021
How does a young teenager in California go from playing in the marching band in high school to becoming a fentanyl addict living on the streets of San Francisco? And what are the policies in California that are not helping addicts, but actually making their situations worse? My guest is ...
‘It’s Like a Zombie Apocalypse Walking Into Parts of San Francisco’ | Jacqui Berlinn
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California, as the wealthiest and most populated state in the nation, carries many leading roles in policy making, economic growth, cultural influences and technology development. California Insider, hosted by Siyamak Khorrami with The Epoch Times Southern California, showcases leaders and professionals across the state with inside information about trending topics and critical issues. Our mission is to inform California residents through the experiences and knowledge of our guests.
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Siyamak Khorrami is a Senior Editor and the General Manager with the Epoch Times Southwestern Region. Prior to joining Epoch Media Group, Siyamak led companies in life sciences, technology, and finance. In 2017, Siyamak joined Epoch Media Group. Siyamak now oversees The Epoch Times newspaper’s development, operation in Southwestern region.