Businessman Identifies With Shen Yun’s Universal Themes

February 10, 2018

“How athletic the dancers were was very impressive—the explosive strength by both the men and the women performers.”

“I also think that using the screen as the prop was very unique. …. How they integrated the [digital] backdrop of the screen with the action in the performance was very well done, very interesting.”

“I think that all people have this need, this desire, to feel that they’re a part of the larger universe or … what we are all a part of in our spiritual world. … I think all people of every country want that.”

“It’s very interesting to bring that here to the U.S., for sometimes we think that our traditional religious ways and aspects are the only way, but there are other ways that are seeking essentially the same thing.”

“I think the overall message of the show was good will win out over evil.”