Business Owners Love Shen Yun Experience

February 13, 2017

“There’s a rich ethnic and folk history. You never get to see that with China. This is one of the first exposures to all of the diversity, sound, costumes, dances, folk stories. It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.”


“There’re moral lessons for each [performance]. It wasn’t just a bunch of people dancing and singing, there was a message. Man’s yearning for kindness to one another.”  


“I told my wife that I want to see if Shen Yun is going to be in St. Louis because my son and his children, I would like to treat them to a performance, husband and wife and four grandchildren, there would be something in it for each kid. Each child’s a different age, but they all have different interests … . They would love the music, costumes, the dance, the warriors. It would just be an artistic feast for the eyes and they would love it.”