Business Owner Transformed by Shen Yun

April 2, 2017

“It was great—really, really great. I really enjoyed watching the girls almost float across the floor. It was unbelievable that they were just so elegant, the way that they moved. It was amazing.” 


“It’s different than what I had thought because of the storytelling. I really didn’t know what to expect … you see the dancing, and the movement and the flow of the movement, but yet there’s a lot of different stories that come out of it, and it really is a little bit of an education for you … you’re looking at this other culture, and you really hear all of that, and you become encaptured in all of it.”  


“It kind of transforms you, and it kind of really opens your eyes a couple of times … you could see that they could never perform this in China, and they could never speak so freely, and it’s great that they can come here and perform it in such an elegant way and get their point across. It’s really quite something.”


“I just think it’s great that they are able to carry forward all of these traditions, and it’s not a lost art for them. That’s really something to be said for them, and good for them that they can continue on with this year after year, and become more and more of a success with it.” 


“I definitely would recommend it … It’s a different show every year, so you can go more than one time and learn something completely new. There’s a couple of things I saw that intrigued me that I will probably go and check a little further into. It’s really interesting.”