Business Owner: Shen Yun Teaches Patience, Dedication, Discipline, ‘How to Approach Things in Life’

December 29, 2017

“It was a great experience, and it was interesting to learn about the Chinese culture, about the discipline, the dedication, all these fantastic qualities of the Chinese culture and all the history. What was portrayed here, what we had the opportunity to see here, teaches me about patience, discipline, meditation, and about how to approach things in life.”

“I brought my family, my wife, my children, they are all there. It’s not only about the Chinese history but also about a way of life, and I think I wanted them to learn about that. I think it was a good opportunity for that.”

“I would say this is a fantastic show. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture, and to learn about principles that are basic for any individual and any family. I would really recommend it.”

“Those are all principles that are very important for every family, for every society, and nowadays … people have forgotten a little bit about those basic principles.”

“This is something that I’m also going to share with my employees. … I’ll probably come next year and certainly bring a couple of my employees to see the show as well.”