Business Owner: Shen Yun ‘Reaches a Part of You that You Don’t Know is There’

January 28, 2018

“Tonight’s my first time. I’m absolutely blown away. It’s a fabulous show. It’s colorful and the symmetry—it’s just phenomenal. It’s really touching as well, really moving. And it kind of reaches a part of you that you don’t know is there.”

“The dancers do a really good job of portraying their characters and how those characters are feeling in that moment and what they’re going through. It … brings you into their world, and you don’t feel like you’re sitting and watching—you feel like you’re up there with them, kind of going through the story with them.”

“You feel like you connect with them on a level that you may not normally do. You just feel like you’ve gone through that process with them.”

“It … brings me back to my own personal faith as well … having this opinion about how you [wish] to practice your faith and whatnot, and then this war that goes on between either you and your government or you and your country and just standing firm in what you believe in. And I thought that was really moving to see that, especially the story of the husband and wife [in the dance “Unprecedented Crime”]. They were willing to stick to their faith no matter what—even if it meant bigger obstacles like being put into prison, or something even worse than that. That was kind of touching for myself.”

“It … makes you a little stronger in your own belief and your own faith, and that no matter what you believe in and no matter what’s going on, you need to stand strong in what you’re doing and you need to have that conviction.”

“I would tell all my friends to make sure that they would go out of their way to come see this. We drove quite a ways to get here. You can’t miss it. It’s an experience that not everybody gets to experience and you really should find yourself at one of these shows wherever you can, no matter how you can.”