Business Owner Says China Needs Shen Yun

April 9, 2017

“I enjoyed it!”


“It’s very beautiful when they use their umbrellas and form flowers, and it’s very artistic, but I also enjoyed the one where the communists come in … That was very poignant.” 


“I was surprised that this production is not seen in China because they’re the ones who need it … [I would encourage Chinese people to] persevere. Times are bound to change but everyone has to sort of be a little bit more active … They’re suppressed, but the moment will come when they will be able to act.”


“[The backdrop] is beautiful! The backdrop is stunning, and I’m just reading the technology is now patented. Some of those scenes I’ve seen in my travel books, and I’m going to see them in person now when I go to China [this month]. I’m very thrilled about that.”