Business Owner Moved by Ethereal Shen Yun

January 13, 2018

“I had tears in my eyes for a minute. … I really, really enjoyed it. It was ethereal to me.”

“The dancing. It was just fantastic.”

“I had gratitude, just for the ability to come here and see such beauty.”

“It’s a journey of history and beauty at the same time. Something that everyone should really come and take a look at.”

“The discipline of the dancers is fantastic, the synchronicity of each one. And I watched them to see if someone would make a mistake and none of them did. It was perfectly synchronous, because we were very close, you really see a lot and they were perfect. Every hand moved at the same time.”

“I think the music and the timing of the way the orchestra hit the strings and the different sounds, helped me connect on a spiritual level.”