Business Owner: ‘Loved Every Minute’

January 7, 2018

“It was amazing. The whole scene of [the performance] was breathtaking. And then when the performers came out, their skill and agility was amazing. We have dancers in the family, competitive dancers as well, so we came strictly for the dance, but all of it combined with the music—the music was beautiful, inspirational.”

“My daughter, my son, and my nieces are all dancers. My son and daughter are competitive dancers as well, so for them to come and be inspired by the dancers and their skill and ability was amazing. … [The dancers] are so elegant. They move so smoothly as well, and they just have those different movements that you don’t see in other dancing. This was something unique for them to watch.”

“We were quite impressed with the backdrop and how it was very interactive, and the fact that they can incorporate that into the story. And having dance and music as a universal language, it was really great for us to see another culture and still understand and be a part of that. For us as a family, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved every minute.”

“For me it was eye-opening because I didn’t know the history, and so to be watching the stories and thinking about how these developed in [China’s] history and how they used their storytelling to tell their history was really interesting for us to see too. A cultural event for us as well.”

“The stories that stuck with me were the ones that had humor.”

“This performance was inspiring because of the beauty of it all in the music, in the dance, and the color, all of the movement. It was just inspiring to think about the beauty in creation and in everything. And our bodies, how they’re created and how they move. All of that is pretty, pretty amazing.”