Business Owner Enjoys the ‘Universal Language of Music’

October 10, 2013 Updated: November 14, 2017

BOSTON—Ralph Magwood, a clothing importer and owner of The Magic Scarf Company, was full of the highest praise for Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra after seeing Wednesday night’s performance at Boston Symphony Hall.

“I loved it. It was absolutely wonderful,” he said. “I loved how they were able to go back and forth between European style and Asian style.

“I loved the introduction of the Asian instruments, and how that changed the music. I just really enjoyed it,” Mr. Magwood said.

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is unique in that it blends Classical Chinese instruments into a full Western orchestra. This “involves interpreting Chinese musical styles on Western musical instruments,” which is not an easy task, according to the program book.

The orchestra is part of internationally acclaimed Shen Yun Performing Arts, the world’s premier classical Chinese dance company. The orchestra performs a combination of highlights from Shen Yun’s vast repertoire of original works, as well as masterpieces of Western classical music. It also accompanied by three renowned bel canto-style soloists.

Mr. Magwood’s also commented on how much he enjoyed the opera performances.

“I loved it. I thought they both [two females] looked like princesses first of all. And then the man, the tenor was just absolutely wonderful,” he said.

“It is a wonderful blending of East and West—just a universal language of music. Just absolutely wonderful,” Mr. Magwood said.

Reporting by NTD Television and Sarah Matheson

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is on a seven-city tour with performances in Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, from Sept. 27–Oct. 22. For more information, visit