Business Owner Enjoys Educational Aspect of Shen Yun

April 9, 2017

“It’s great. I like it a lot … everything. What I like about it is it’s educational too. It’s kind of like the history of China.”


“It’s kind of an immersive experience. It’s the dance, and the music, and the educational part, but the educational part is kind of a bonus. That kind of ties it together, so I understand it. I do like the fact that they come out and explain things beforehand.” 


“I think as Americans we tend to view China as communist, and we forget about the prior history to the communist regime, so it puts a human face on it.” 


“It brings a more spiritual aspect to it … I believe in a supreme being. He manifests himself to us all in a way we can understand him.”


“It may [change the world, but] I think people are kind of entrenched. I think if they are open to it, they are searching.”


“Yes [I would recommend it].”