Business Owner: Enjoyed an Intimate Look at China at Shen Yun

January 12, 2018

“The music is just terrific. It is beautiful. I love the strings. The score is beautiful. The dancers are just fantastic. I mean the rhythm and the smoothness, the subtlety of the movement is beautiful. It is very impressive … I am just enjoying the color, the dance, and the music. It is fabulous.”

“It is very comforting to see them. And I enjoy the fact that they are engaged in the history of the country.”

“It is not what we saw when we went to China. That was a little different. But this is a much more intimate look.”

“This is educational for sure. But more than that, it gives you a sense of, there is a sense of pride and dignity, and people being very proud of what went on.”

“The whole thing is about tradition, and hope, and passion, and going forward. I think it comes across. It is also quite beautiful.”