Bullies Teased This Boy for Being Different, But 10 Years Later He Shocks Them All

April 13, 2016 Updated: April 13, 2016

Aidan Knaus has a remarkable gift, and he loves to use it.

Aidan struggles a lot every day, due to memory lapses, ADHD, and autism. He was bullied for it earlier in life and even now sometimes, but he shocked all his detractors with the profound impact he’s been having at a local retirement home.

Aidan, now 13 and in eighth grade, loves to chat with the elderly patients as he helps them to and from therapy and the chapel at the St. Cloud VA Medical Center. Many vets request Aidan by name now.

“In all the years — and I’ve been here at the VA for 10 years plus — I’ve never came across a student like you that’s so interactive,” Mary Klosowski told Aidan.

“Everybody, they want Aidan,” she said, laughing. “But Aidan’s never available because everybody wants him.”

His family couldn’t be prouder. “He’s perfect just the way he is,” said mom Tanya.