Brave Browser’s Brave New Plan Pays Users Mini-Cryptos to Browse

By Carol Wickenkamp, Epoch Times
July 9, 2018 Last Updated: July 9, 2018

Aiming to speed up and declutter the browser yet provide a revenue stream for content providers and advertisers, Brave has begun testing its blockchain based digital advertising platform which will pay opt-in users to browse.

Brave’s ad-free browser sheds the trackers and cleans out the cookies that slow down page loads, while providing anonymity for the user. These are the immediate payoffs to Brave users. Now the addition of the pay to browse system rooted in blockchain technology will certainly sweeten the deal.

Brave’s Etherium-based BAT (Basic Attention Token) pays publishers for their content and users for their attention, while advertisers find that they are receiving better reporting for their ads, The BAT micro-payments perform somewhat like loyalty points, and in the future, could be used to view prime content or play games on sites using the platform, or even purchase gift cards.

Savvy internet users are looking more frequently towards monetizing their internet time, and Brave founders Brendan Eich, who co-founded Mozilla and created JavaScript, and Brian Bondy, who was formerly with Khan Academy and Mozilla, seem to be catching the upsurge here as they turn the old pay-per-click model upside down.  

The pay to view ads scheme is not new to Brave. Amazon has offered special deals with T-Mobile to provide low cost smartphones and cell plans in exchange for viewing ads. Social media sites are capitalizing on the blockchain technology and using it to pay people to post content and comments.