Boy Shot to Viral Fame With His Epic 93-second Stare down on Live TV at Baseball Game

September 6, 2019 Updated: September 11, 2019

It was a Saturday afternoon when Trish DiDonato, from Omaha, Nebraska, took her young son Sammy to enjoy an NCAA College World Series baseball game. What neither of them knew was that by the end of the day, the boy would become a viral internet sensation.

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The mother-and-son duo had managed to procure excellent seats to watch the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers versus the Texas Christian University Frogs. Ohama KMTV News reports that they were positioned in row six, behind the Coastal Carolina dugout. The seats also happened to be right next to an automatic ESPN camera that was there to record fans’ reactions.

When Sammy noticed the camera, he stopped paying attention to the sporting event for a few seconds. That’s when he started focusing his gaze on it. The original video was posted on the official NCAA Baseball Facebook page. It shows the boy abruptly moving his head and looking straight at the camera with wide eyes and a mischievous smile. The presenter can be overheard rightfully calling it a “stare down.”

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Patricia Susan‎‏ في الأربعاء، ٢٩ يونيو ٢٠١٦

When the camera zooms in on his face, Sammy appears to be trying to restrain himself from breaking into laughter. To which the presenter adds, “it’s getting tough now.” The boy then squints his eyes to stop himself from blinking. He then starts twitching his eyebrows before pulling an assertive face and moving his shoulders up and down. According to ABC News, he managed to maintain the stare for a full 93 seconds.

Something is captivating about the way he looks like he immediately decided to turn his gaze straight at the camera and almost communicate with it, using only his eyes and facial expressions.

Have you seen this? He is the highlight of this year's College World Series, at least if you ask many people on social media.

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All the while, the boy’s mother is watching the game and sitting right next to him. She looks unaware of the funny faces her son was pulling on. When he finally catches her attention, she looks at the camera herself, seeming a bit confused, before breaking into laughter.

“When he kept turning his head back and forth I knew he wanted my attention,” Trish said in a subsequent interview with KMTV News. “So that’s when I turned and looked at him and was like ‘oh you’re on camera!'” she carried on.

In an interview with KMTV, Sammy told reporters that many members of his family and community contacted him about his newfound fame. He also admitted that he enjoyed being in the stoplight. But the then-10-year-old also stated that his adorable stare-down with the ESPN camera was completely spontaneous. “In the beginning, I didn’t really know, then after a few seconds I noticed it…and just started doing that,” he explained. As it turns out, the boy is also a baseball player in the little league.

Thanks to UNO for giving Sammy some Maverick apparel! He was wearing a Maverick hockey shirt the night of the epic stare down! See you next hockey season!Go Mavs!

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On the other hand, Trish said, “It’s their generation, being in front of a camera.”

The cute viral staredown by Sammy at the game on that Saturday drew a lot of attention. The short clip of it received over 50 million views, and the story got picked up by several national news channels, turning the then-10-year-old into an instant celebrity.

All Sammy and his mom wanted was to go and see a college baseball game. But with one stare, Sammy achieved internet stardom and brought laughter and joy to many people around the world.

Watch the video:

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