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Ep. 23: Bombshell Audio Shows Joe Biden Knew About Hunter’s Business Dealings With China | The Larry Elder Show

Joe Biden called his son Hunter in late 2018 to discuss a New York Times article detailing the younger Biden’s dealings with a Chinese oil tycoon accused of economic crimes telling him, “I think you’re clear,” according to Daily Mail’s exclusive report.

The president has repeatedly denied personally and through his press secretary that he ever talked about Hunter’s foreign business with his son—despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

In other news, last month, inflation in the United States hit 8.6 percent, one of the highest rates in the world.

Many of the forces driving inflation last year—such as supply disruptions from COVID-19 and higher food prices after severe storms and drought hurt harvests—were not unique to the United States. But why has the United States fared worse?

Sharing a peer-reviewed study on temporary sperm reduction from Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine violates Twitter policies. The social media company isn’t as sure about pledging to assassinate the Supreme Court’s lone black conservative, however.

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