Black Friday: Video Shows Fight Over Steamer but Some Think It’s Too Bizarre to Be True

November 27, 2015 Updated: November 27, 2015

It seems like every year, there’s a brawl over some choice item during Black Friday sales. And it appears 2015 is no different.

A video that’s now going viral shows a woman grabbing a vegetable steamer out of a boy’s hands. However, some people think the footage is too bizarre and appalling to be true and believe it’s staged. Here’s the video (Warning: footage might be disturbing for some):

The clip was uploaded the clip to YouTube on Friday. It’s unclear where the footage was shot.

“This lady stole a veggie steamer from a KID on Black Friday! Shame,” the YouTube uploader wrote on the page. The uploader claimed the clip was shot in “Sagninaw,” without elaborating much more.

They immediately threw themselves into a pile of vegetable steamers.

“Why are you being so oppressive? You’re scaring me!” the woman screamed as the child’s mother fought back. The child’s mother was holding two steamers of her own.


(Twitter / @DaddyWeaknd)
(Twitter / @DaddyWeaknd)

“I feel like this is fake and somehow Jimmy Kimmel is behind it,” a skeptic wrote on YouTube.

As the Daily News noted, the steamer thief was already inside the store and wasn’t part of the stampede.

Another video shows a man in Texas swinging wildly at a police officer during a fight, the New York Daily News noted.

Meanwhile, shoppers fought at a mall in Louisville, Kentucky, mall on Thursday evening. The wrestled each other on the ground. The fight also knocked down a woman to the floor as shoppers at Mall St. Matthews looked onward. A police officer broke up the brawl. It’s unclear what triggered the two to fight.

Another fight was captured at “Florence Mall,” as some users on Twitter claimed. The men came to blows as many more looked on.

In 2008, a Walmart worker was killed as shoppers trampled him to death during Black Friday shopping.

“It’s very difficult to cope,” his cousin, Ralph Damour, was quoted by the Daily News this week. “I never shop on Black Friday. That would be dishonoring his memory.”

A survey estimates that nearly 100 million–or 99.77 million–Black Friday shoppers will come out during 2015.

“Black Friday is no longer just one-day holiday exclusively centered on in-store shopping,” Consumer Technology Association researcher Shawn DuBravac told CBS. “Black Friday now spans the entire week, with online and mobile shopping playing an important role as consumers increasingly rely on tech to complete their holiday shopping.”

Another report also ranked the top states that are likely to experience fights during Black Friday: Arkansas was No. 1, Tennessee was No. 2, and Alabama was No. 3.