Bizarre Chase in LA Involves Selfies, High-Fives, and Chatting

By Denisse Moreno, Epoch Times
April 8, 2016 Updated: April 8, 2016

A bizarre chase scene involving two burglars doing “donuts,” taking selfies, high-fiving, and throwing hamburgers as they escaped from police unfolded in Los Angeles on April 7.

The robbers drove away from cops in a top-down convertible from Cerritos and through rainy Southern California onto highways, other parts of Los Angeles, including the busy Hollywood area, until finally stopping at a Southern LA neighborhood.

During the chase, the suspects dressed in blue sped along the highways and recklessly drove through jammed streets.

The car chase was recorded and in the video the drivers are seen joyriding the Mustang in circular “donuts” multiple times before speeding off again. 

Burglary suspects do donuts, lead authorities on chase in L.A.

UPDATE: The suspects have been taken into custody in South L.A. amid a large crowd of people. suspects continue to lead police on a bizarre chase through Los Angeles, at points doing donuts and waving at people.

Posted by ABC7 on Thursday, April 7, 2016


During the escapade the vehicle clipped another car. The drivers also slowed down to avoid people on crosswalks as they drove through the center of Hollywood near the Walk of Fame while waving and yelling to people, according to ABC7.

At one point, a TMZ tour bus tried to block the burglars. One of the disgruntled suspects threw what appeared to be a hamburger at the bus. Another car moved off and the vehicle was able to get around it.

Police also tried using a road spike, but without any luck. 

People that were watching the car chase live on television were actually able to see the drivers as the sped by on the streets. A video posted on social media showed bar patrons cheering the drivers during the chase. “Greatest pursuit of all time,” said the user that uploaded the video on Twitter.

The pursuit which began at 2 p.m. lasted an hour, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said. They said they kept their distance for security reasons. During that time the drivers also stood up, danced and made hand gestures.

The drivers stopped on a South LA street, by which time the car was running on three tires. There was a group of mainly young men standing at the driveway. The driver of the Mustang got out and sat on the hood. Both suspects took selfies and exchanged hugs, high-fives and conversed with others, who were apparently friends or well-wishers.

 Authorities caught up with them a few minutes later, but by then the burglars were famous on television and social media.

Police arrested the two suspects as they peacefully surrendered, while bystanders took videos with their phones.

At the end of the chase, users on social media uploaded memes about the incident.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.