Bioshock iOS Release: Premium Price for Mobile Version of Hit Windows PC, Xbox Game

BioShock is finally out for the iOS, and it will cost a pretty penny to play.

2K Games ported the popular first person shooter for the iPhone and iPad, and it stays true to the original PC and Xbox game, with slightly poorer graphics.

The game was not expected to come cheap, especially in considering that 2K Games charged about $7 for the Grand Theft Auto iOS gam, and indeed, BioShock for iOS costs $14.99 via iTunes.

Eurogamer said that they “found BioShock iOS to be a remarkably faithful version of the game, albeit shrunken down for smaller screens.”

Check out BioShock iOS’s features via the official website:

• Take control of your world by hacking mechanical devices, commandeering security turrets and crafting unique items critical to your very survival.

• Upgrade your weapons with ionic gels, explosives and toxins to customize them to the enemy and environment.

• Genetically modify your body through dozens of Plasmid Stations scattered throughout the city, empowering you with fantastic and often grotesque abilities.

• Explore a living world powered by Ecological A.I., where the inhabitants have interesting and consequential relationships with one another that impact your gameplay experience.

• Experience truly next generation graphics that vividly illustrate the forlorn art deco city, highlighted by the most detailed and realistic water effects ever developed in a video game.

• Make meaningful choices and mature decisions, ultimately culminating in the grand question: do you exploit the innocent survivors of Rapture or save them?