Bikers Man Up, Stop Traffic, and Help Elderly Woman Cross a Busy Street in Scotland

December 28, 2018 Updated: January 3, 2019

Around the Holidays, there’s nothing better than a feel-good story reminding the world that kindhearted people come from all walks of life, sometimes where you least expect it.

Just ask this group of bikers in the North Ayrshire council area of Scotland, who broke with their usual stereotype to do something good for an elderly lady trying to cross a busy street.

In a video captured and shared on Facebook by Angela Mcadam Blakey, the elderly woman was struggling to find a break in traffic to get across a zebra crossing safely.

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Although there was no traffic light or pedestrian crossing sign, it was shocking to see cars zip by without a thought for the woman waiting her turn.

As heartbreaking as the carelessness of the other drivers was, though, the matter was promptly taken care of when, ironically, a group of bikers pulled up and decided they weren’t about to burn past without offering the lady a hand.

While the camera captured the event, the bikers all halted in the middle of the lane—ensuring that no one else would try to cut through—and then one got off his bike, went over to the woman, and offered an arm to help her across the street while his buddies hung back.

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Angela Mcadam Blakely 发布于 2018年12月2日周日

It was a small gesture, and just took a few seconds out of their day, but the move was remarkable—and according to Mcadam Blakey’s commentary on her post, it sounds like this isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this.

“Three times this has happened,” she wrote, suggesting that these bikers go out of their way to be the good guys on the road whenever they get a chance.

The video soon caught the attention of social media users, racking up nearly 7,500 likes and getting shared 25,000 times in the weeks following the event.

“Lovely to see … good manners still exist,” wrote one Facebook user, clearly proud of the gentlemen for reminding the world how courteous people should be.

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Typically, one might expect mean scowls from boys such as these, and that they would shy away from making eye contact for too long—after all, biker gangs have developed a reputation of being tough and sometimes unforgiving as they roam the streets on their big, loud machines.

As this group clearly showed, though, that reputation certainly doesn’t always stick, for looks can be deceiving. Sometimes the baddest-looking fellows on the outside are the ones with the biggest hearts inside!


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