Beachgoer Starts Filming Just Before Storm. Moments Later, Something Takes His Breath Away

May 15, 2019 Updated: May 22, 2019

While on a Daytona Beach getaway one summer, Clint Blevins caught the spectacular drama of a fine summer storm from the comfort of his beach-side lodging. Nature’s fireworks unfolded before his eyes so dramatically and at such an opportune moment, it seemed as if the show was meant for his sole enjoyment.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Aleksandar Todorovic

The scent of the sea air and the sound of waves washing up on the shoreline is known to be relaxing, and does wonders for one’s state of mind. Clint decided to take some time off to head down to Daytona Beach, Florida, in June 2015, to enjoy the ocean atmosphere.

Yet, one day the sky started looking ominous and the weather began to get pretty squally, so to be safe, he took refuge indoors to enjoy the storm from the comfort of his beach-side abode.

Clint decided to take in the squall as one would an incredible film or drama, or a symphony perhaps. He grabbed his video recorder and started filming the seascape just before the storm. From the footage, one can almost feel the electricity in the air.

Not moments after he started recording, the most incredible thing happened right before his eyes that literally took his breath away: nature’s fireworks on display solely for his viewing pleasure!

Out of the clouds, a huge bolt of lightning exploded directly in front of the camera upon the ocean waves in a brilliant flash, lighting up the gloom for a split second before fizzling out.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Sasa Prudkov

Clint was awestruck, to say the least. It certainly made up for lost beach time, and gave him a precious memory to share! Thank heavens there was no one swimming at the time!

After Clint, who was awestruck by this spectacle, shared the footage that he captured on his iPhone 6 to YouTube, it spread like wildfire, garnering over 3 million views.

One user commented: “Incredibly beautiful!!! right time, right place, perfect moment!! well done!!”

“It is magnificent!!!!” chimed in a second one.

Meanwhile, others tried to connect to fictional characters. One user referred to the incredible bolt of lightning as “my name is barry allen …”

“That was blitzcrank pasive :D” a third one enthused about the once-in-a-lifetime sight.

Viewed scientifically, the massive strike in the footage was something called a secondary strike. HowStuffWorks explains the phenomenon of a secondary lightning strike, saying, “It is very possible that a main strike can be followed by 30 or 40 secondary strikes. Depending on the time delay between strikes, we may see what looks like one long-duration main strike, or a main strike followed by other flashes along the path of the main strike.” However we tend to look at it, this is surely a brilliant view.

Check out the awesome beauty of nature in the Daytona Beach video below: