BB Gun Vandals Strike San Jose

By Carrie Gilkison, Epoch Times
March 7, 2018 Last Updated: March 7, 2018

Surveillance video from a business in South Bay shows the moment that their front window is shot out and shattered, targeted by people with BB guns.

12 different neighborhoods in San Jose were damaged by BB guns overnight on Tuesday, March 6.

Little Portugal and Japan Town were among the damaged neighborhoods.

In Little Portugal at least nine businesses along Alum Rock Ave have had their windows and glass doors shot out, including restaurants Mariscos Cancun, and Adega.

“It feels really bad,” said Javier Sandoval, owner of Nuevo Rancho Grande, “that you get up and find your business destroyed like this.”

Sandoval estimates that the damage to his business will cost $3500-$4000 to repair. He says that he knows 10 people who also had their businesses damaged by the vandals’ BBs.

His surveillance footage from 3 a.m. Tuesday shows the moment its window was shot out. Footage shows headlights approaching and then the window shattering.

In Japan Town at least eight cars have had their windows shot out.

John Cavalieri, one of the victims of the vandalization in Japan Town, was getting into his car when he noticed a crack in the window, and then BB holes in the body of the car. “That’s when I noticed the window was really broken,” he said. “So I came back and I checked and I saw them all damaged, eight cars damaged, all in a row.”

Another man, Richard Allen Johns, had bought a new car just a month ago. Now it has BB holes in it that will cost money to repair. “It’s really too bad. It’s horrible,” he said.

Police say it appears that a BB gun is the cause of the damage seen across the city. They are investigating whether the incidents are related.

Neighbors are turning security videos over to the police in hopes of capturing the vandals.

“As a neighbor, I’m concerned for the people that live here,” said one man.

With so many locations, and potential for good surveillance footage,  it is hoped that there will be surveillance that leads to the capture of those responsible for the damage.

Video Credit: Fox – Ktvu