Bay Area: $3 Bridge Toll Hike Proposed to Improve Infrastructure

May 22, 2018 Last Updated: May 22, 2018

Regional Measure 3 will be on the June 5th ballot, and it would raise the toll by $3 on the Bay Area’s seven state-owned bridged over the next seven years, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The mayors of the Bay Area’s largest cities came together on Monday to ask voters to support the toll hike on the bridges, with the money going to pay for transportation improvement projects.

The Bay Area economy has been booming recently, and the number of commuters is large. Should an accident occur on the Bay Bridge, for example, it could cause a traffic jam hours long.

KTVU Fox reported that the Mayors of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland said that citizens who use roads, bridges and Ferries should vote for Measure 3 in order to reduce commute time. They hope that the reduced commute time would increase the time spent with family and increase productivity.

However, representative Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) agreed that infrastructure must be improved, but stated that increasing the bridge toll was not the correct solution. In an article he wrote for The Mercury News, he urged voters to reject Measure 3.

DeSaulnier wrote that Measure 3 “provides no framework for performance measures and oversight to gauge progress, no vision for how residents would reap a return on the investment they would have to make, and no analysis to show how congestion on major corridors would be reduced, or how long that might take.”

He further wrote that residents have paid for projects in the past that were delayed and went over budget, which failed to meet long-term needs.

With the ballot only two weeks away, residents feel it’s important to read Measure 3 carefully to understand the impact and make the appropriate decision.