Batman vs Superman Movie News: The Rock Cast as Green Lantern?

February 4, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Rock may be part of the cast of Batman vs Superman as the Green Lantern in the latest update on the highly anticipated movie that’s slated to come out in 2015.

The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson, has been linked to the movie over the past couple months, but no one knows if he’s for sure part of the movie and, if he is, what role he’s playing. 

He did recently say that he was partnering with Warner Bros and DC Comics in 2014, and the only project that’s supposed to film this year is Batman vs Superman. 

Johnson posted a photo on Instagram back on November 16, just a few weeks after a big meeting with Warner Bros, writing a caption that ended with the hashtag #JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss.

As Batman-News notes, John Stewart is the alter ego of Green Lantern. 

“With The Rock already confirming that he’s going to be working on a Warner Bros./DC Comics project, and now discovering this three month old Instagram post… I’d be shocked if The Rock is playing anyone other than Green Lantern,” the blog says.

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