Bambi Johnson ‘Tape Leaked by Angry Erica After Their Fight OMG’ Video is Merely a Scam

A Facebook post saying “Love & Hip Hop” star Bambi Johnson was involved in a tape that was leaked by Erica is just a scam. Users shouldn’t click on it or share it.

The post will take users to a fake Facebook website and then asks them to share it first before going further.

The website then displays nothing but surveys, which are designed to make the scammers behind the site money.

“The scammers or cybercriminals behind this scam will change the website names and images, so watch out for similar scams with different website names and images,” reads a post from security blog Online Threat Alerts. “Now, sharing this web page will only help spread this scam to other Facebook users. And, completing the surveys will only generate revenue for the cybercriminals behind this scam,” it adds.

It says: “The Facebook video scam: ‘OMG Bambi Johnson Sextape Leaked by Angry Erica After Their Fight,’ will take Facebook users to a fake Facebook website, in an attempt to trick them into sharing it or completing surveys, by promising to show them a video depicted by the image in the Facebook post. But, no tape of Bambi Johnson was released by Erica. Both ladies are stars in the American reality television series on VH1, Love & Hip Hop.” 

It’s best not to click on such posts, share them, or “like” them to prevent them being spread further.

If you’ve shared the post, it’s best to delete it from your Facebook wall.