Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Andi Dorfman Claims Josh Murray both ‘Controlling’ and ‘Jealous,’ Says Report

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are engaged but they might not make it to the wedding.

Andi, the Bachelorette who recently chose Josh as the winner of season 10, is reportedly having trouble dealing with her fiance.

“Josh can be controlling and jealous,” an unnamed insider told Life & Style magazine. “He’s very insecure about the relationship, and even more so after watching everything unfold on TV and seeing Andi tell other guys she’s in love with them.”

The season was filmed ahead of time, so Josh and Andi have been together for months even though the season finale just aired this past week.

They have had to wear disguises and be careful when seeing each other so they didn’t spoil the ending of the pre-recorded show.

Now they can appear in public together, but Josh is being controlling of Andi’s time. When she goes out without him, there are questions.

“She’s a fiercely independent person and loves going out with her friends,” the insider said.

“At first, she thought his jealousy was cute, but now that they’re not hiding their relationship, he’s jealous all the time and I’m not sure how cute she’s finding it.”

However, Andi’s public presentation of her and Josh seems to show that all is well. She’s been sharing photos of the pair out and about, and said recently that she’s “in love” with him.

She also shared a photo of them hanging out on a couch at one of their homes, with Josh’s dog. “The family that frowns together stays together,” she said, as they struck a silly pose.

If they do stay together, they told interviewers recently that they would have their wedding in the spring. It will reportedly be televised.

AP update from earlier:

Chiefs’ Murray says bro, ‘Bachelorette’ very happy 

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (AP) — Chiefs rookie Aaron Murray was tied up in meetings Monday night, at the same time millions of people were tuning into ABC to see whether his brother would be popping the question.

No worries. Murray knew months ago that his brother, Josh Murray, would be chosen by “The Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman on this season of the reality dating show.

In fact, the finale was taped the same week of the NFL draft, making it a memorable weekend in his household.

“He’s excited. He’s very happy,” the younger Murray said after Wednesday’s practice on the campus of Missouri Western. “It was fun watching him when I got the opportunity to watch on TV. And I’ve got a (future) sister-in-law, so I’m happy.”

Aaron Murray even got a bit of TV time himself, offering up a toast when Dorfman visited the Murray household during one of the late-season episodes. That episode coincided with the pro days that the QB was having for prospective NFL teams in the weeks leading up to the draft.

“The finale happened the week of the draft, actually. We knew that Friday of the draft, we got a call from him — ‘Hey, she picked me. I proposed. We’re engaged.’ So it was an exciting weekend,” Aaron Murray said. “He gets engaged, the next day I get drafted.”

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