Bachelor 2015: Reality Steve Says Chris Soules Has Signed Contract to be Season 19 Bachelor

Who is the next Bachelor? Chris Soules.

That’s what blogger Reality Steve says, and he’s write so much of the time that it can be taken as a done deal.

“It’s official: Chris Soules will be the next Bachelor. Official in that I’m reporting it. Not sure when ABC plans to make their announcement, but it’s a done deal. Chris signed his contract last week, and film crews were in Iowa over the weekend filming him,” Steve told readers this week.

“He was filmed at the Franklin Hotel/Restaurant in Strawberry Point (where production stayed), a bar in Arlington called the Wagon Wheel, and was also filmed at the Iowa State Fair this past weekend.”

Addressing doubters, he added:

“Now, some of you might say, ‘Yeah, but didn’t production film Arie last month in Arizona?’ Yes, they did. Chris is your Bachelor. Just like pretty much every other spoiler I give you, if you doubt it, I guess you’ll have to wait til ABC makes it “official.” I’m just telling you it’s him. My guess is they won’t announce it until sometime in September much, much closer to when filming begins.”

Soules has been getting lots of attention–meeting Texas Governor and possibly 2016 presidential candidate Rick Perry while at the state fair, and Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio earlier this month, among others. His political affiliation isn’t known but attendees at the party where he met Cruz and Rubio said that he’s a Republican.

“Pretty much every female in her twenties is familiar with him,” one Republican operative told TIME Magazine. “And probably a bunch in their 30s and 40s who might not admit it so freely. So it wouldn’t hurt a candidate to be seen rubbing elbows with that guy, especially for a party that struggles with a gender gap.”

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on, and is slated to run for six more weeks. After that, filming for the Bachelor should start.

Season 19 will premiere in January 2015.

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