Australian States Push Ahead With Restriction Easing

June 14, 2020 Updated: June 14, 2020

Australia’s two biggest states have further detailed their path out of COVID-19 restrictions, as infrastructure projects designed to reinvigorate the economy get a federal boost.

Scott Morrison will on June 15 announce an extra $1.5 billion towards “shovel-ready” small priority projects around the country, including $500 million for road works.

The prime minister is expected to tell the CEDA State of the Nation summit fifteen major projects, worth more than $72 billion in public and private investment, will be accelerated.

They include the inland rail project between Melbourne and Brisbane, the Marinus underwater power cable between Tasmania and Victoria and South Australia’s Olympic Dam extension.

Emergency town water projects in NSW and road, rail and iron ore projects in Western Australia are also on the list.

In all, the projects are expected to generate 66,000 direct and indirect jobs.

It comes after NSW and Victoria announced at the weekend their plans to ease a tranche of restrictions.

NSW will scrap a 50-person limit at indoor venues, including pubs and restaurants, from July 1 and move to the one person per four square metres rule.

The state’s cap on funeral attendances has been lifted, effective immediately.

Health authorities are continuing to investigate how a teacher at a southern Sydney primary school contracted coronavirus.

Laguna Street Public School has been shut until June 24, with all of its students told to learn from home and self-isolate.

In Victoria, patrons will be able to drink in pubs and clubs without having to order a meal from next week.

The venues will be allowed to host up to 50 people, as will cafe and restaurants.

Meanwhile, border restrictions have altered in the Northern Territory, with interstate arrivals now allowed to quarantine for a fortnight at a place of their choice instead of government-run facilities.