Australian Man Chased Robbers With Chainsaw

July 18, 2017 Updated: July 18, 2017

An Australian man used a chainsaw and a trident to scare off home invaders. 

Heatly resident, Johnny Smith was playing video games with a friend when a man knocked on his door around 9:30 Tuesday night; thinking it was another friend, Smith opened his door to find an unfamiliar young man.

“He walked in, asked for some guy and I said he didn’t live here,” Smith told Townsville Bulletin. 

“All of a sudden all we heard was the back door opening and another man walked through the back door.

“I had a tire iron against the wall and the first guy reached down grabbed it and started yelling then the guy who came through the back door slammed me up against the wall, demanding money,” Smith said.

A tire iron (RelentlesslyOptimistic/CC BY 2.0)
A tire iron (RelentlesslyOptimistic/CC BY 2.0)

Smith told the men his wallet was in his car, but the men did not believe him. 

“So I said ‘It’s in my spare bedroom’ and they let me go into the spare room where I grabbed the trident just around the door,” Smith told Townsville Bulletin

Smith thrust toward the closest man with the trident, a replica of fiction superhero Aquaman’s weapon. 

“He screamed like a girl,” he said. “If he hadn’t moved he wouldn’t have been walking real well.”

Smith then grabbed a chainsaw sitting on his washing machine and started it, chasing the two men outside.

“They’ve then tried to steal a car from outside so I’ve run out with the chainsaw,” he said. “That’s the quickest I’ve ever seen people squeeze through a gap in a fence and run off.”

Despite the intensity of the incident, Smith found it easy to keep his cool.

“I guess I knew as soon as I got the trident I knew the tables had turned,”Smith said. “Maybe they might think twice about going to someone else’s house next time.”

The men managed to steal two mobile phones and a gold bracelet. 

Investigations are ongoing, but police have not located the men, said Detective Sergeant Fred Starr, from the Kirwan Criminal Investigation Branch. 

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