Australian Defence Minister Surprised China Decided to Send Second Spy Ship

July 18, 2021 Updated: July 18, 2021

Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton is surprised Chinese leaders in Beijing decided to send a second spy ship to monitor Australia-U.S. military exercises off the east coast.

He said it is not unusual for China to deploy a ship during such manoeuvres, having done so in both 2017 and 2019.

“We are surprised there are two vessels, but obviously the Chinese have made a decision to have a greater presence,” he told reporters.

“We would expect them to operate and conduct themselves within the rules of international law.”

Trade Minister Dan Tehan said that it is not unusual for countries to use their ships to monitor exercises.

“The thing that is important is everyone understands that we have rules and we want everyone to adhere to those rules and when it comes to freedom of navigation,” he told Sky News’ Sunday Agenda program.

“It’s the same for our trade rules. There are trade rules in place and we want everyone to adhere to those. That’s the best way that you can keep our region free, open, peaceful and prosperous.”

Tehan was speaking from South Korea as part of a regional tour that has also taken in Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan.

The visit comes amid the Chinese regime’s trade war on Australia.

Tehan said Australia is working to diversify its trading partners, after having enjoyed significant trade with China before the current Chinese bans.

“We think it is vital to ensure that as markets come and go, as demand for our commodities come and go, that we have got the options there for our exporters.”

He said Australia is doing everything it can to keep the region free, open, and resilient.

“What we need to be doing on the economic and the trade front is to ensure that we can maintain the rule based system,” he said.

“That has meant our region has grown like no other region in the world and has benefited all countries in this region.”

By Colin Brinsden. The Epoch Times contributed to this report.