New Australian Group Seeks Compensation From CCP

October 16, 2009 Updated: October 16, 2009

SYDNEY, Australia—Global Victims of Communism Inc. (Australia) (GVCI) was founded on September 20. In 20 days, over 300 people have applied to the organization for compensation for persecution by the Chinese Communist Party.

Applicants described their experiences of being persecuted and asked the organization for help in starting the process of getting compensation from the CCP, while simultaneously announcing that they were quitting the CCP and all affiliated organizations.

Yang Jun, founder of the organization said that although the contact information and related website has not yet been publicized, numerous applications are already coming in through different channels. Yang said that this demonstrates that more and more people dare to stand up against the CCP and to demand the Party repay the debts owed.

Talking about why the organization was founded, Yang Jun said, “We started preparing two years ago. It is well known that the CCP stole its power 60 years ago from China. During those 60 years close to 80 million Chinese lost their lives through different so-called political campaigns. From the land reform … to the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Square Massacre, and now the persecution of the Falun Gong group, family church members, and human rights activists, the CCP has committed uncountable crimes. Under these circumstances, we decided to sue the CCP for their atrocities.”

As to whether the victims will be compensated, Yang said, “After World War II, many Jewish people claimed compensation from the German government. A few years ago, the prime minister of Germany at that time paid Jewish victims $35 billion in compensation. Thereafter the Polish government also compensated the victims of communism. The purpose of our organization is to demand payment of blood debts from the CCP.

“GVCI is a nonprofit organization. All members are volunteers,” said Yang.

He continued, “We only have one request of the applicant: They must must break away from the CCP completely to show their stance. Therefore, the applicant has to formally quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations prior to their formal application. We request applicants to formally declare quitting the CCP on the Epoch Times website. They will receive a number on the website after doing so. We use that number to identify the application for compensation.”

One of the applicants told Yang that his family members were all persecuted to death by the CCP during the land reform. They were all dragged behind a vehicle until only bones were left.

Another call was from a Chinese person in Queensland, he said that one of his (Russian) friends was sent to China to work as a translation expert by the former Soviet Union. When relations between China and the former Soviet Union became worse, he was sent to prison for eight years though he did nothing wrong. He was released 18 years later, but he was given no explanation why. This man was not accepted by either Russia or China and became a person without a nationality. Fortunately, Australia accepted him.

Yang said that nowadays mainland Chinese people become very excited when hearing about a compensation claim against the CCP. They say that Chinese people now have hope. They will help to spread the message out to more and more Chinese. Now is the time.

GVCI will appeal to the International Court of Justice in The Hague through a human rights attorney.

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