At Least 20 Dead Bankers? Alex Jones and Gerald Celente Connect Conspiracies

February 13, 2014 Updated: February 13, 2014

Alex Jones went on record this week claiming that there have been at least 20 bankers of all levels, including executives, killed in the last two weeks. Articles about the subject have gone viral on social media.

Some of the deaths were reportedly suicides but Jones doesn’t believe that.

His website,, reported on JP Morgan executive Ryan Crane jumping to his death from the top of a building, citing mainstream reports, and saying that Crane was the fifth banker to die in the last two weeks.

But Jones elaborated on his radio show, saying that based on personal searches that 20 or more bankers, including both high-level and low-level ones, have died or been killed in the past two weeks.

“I found like 20 bankers in the EU, England, and the US that are very mysteriously falling in the water, being found dead in parking lots, shooting themselves in the heads,” he said. 

Immediately after he transitions to Gerald Celente, a trend forecaster who makes predictions about financial markets.

Celente didn’t explicitly lay out a connection but said that global markets are facing immense pressure from tapering following a big outflow from emerging markets, and devaluing currency. 

“All of the stimulus pushed a lot of hot money into these emerging markets, it’s called a bury trade, you buy it real cheap, you bring it to another place where you can get a lot more for it. Now with the tapering, that money’s flowing out. But when it flowed in, it built the economies for places like Turkey, like Brazil, like South Africa. It kept pumping up all India, so now as the money flows out, what they’re trying to do–because their currencies are crashing–they’re raising interest rates to protect their currency,” he said.

“Your economies going down, it’s getting worse, your currency is getting devalued, and now you’re going to raise interest rates, to make it even more expensive to borrow. Brilliant, that’ll really help the economy go way down, because that’s what’s happening.”

A connection between the deaths was more explicit on the InfoWars article, which said that “some people have speculated that the deaths could be a precursor to a major financial collapse, although no hard evidence of a connection has been forthcoming.”

Commentors on the story believe that there is a connection, with some remarking on one of the suicides, which was apparently from a nail gun, saying that it is a “clever Masonic message,” referring to the Free Masons organization.

Another said: “I wonder how many bankers there are in the world, and how often one of them dies – statistically. I proper article might include numbers like that – for analysis – by people who want actual information. Nice list, though.”

Other conspiracy-oriented websites are claiming that at least some of the bankers have been faking their deaths and escaping to other places in preparation for some type of economic collapse.

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