Gas Prices Fall Below 90 Cents a Gallon at Wisconsin Gas Station

Gas Prices Fall Below 90 Cents a Gallon at Wisconsin Gas Station
An undated file photo shows the Ole and Lena’s Fuel Depot in Wautoma. (Google Maps)
Jack Phillips
As gas prices across the United States continue to plummet during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, two stations in Wisconsin are selling a gallon for less than $0.90.
The Ole and Lena’s Fuel Depot in Wautoma, Wisconsin, is selling regular unleaded gasoline for 89 cents per gallon, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, citing GasBuddy. A Woodman’s Market in Waukesha also featured 89-cent gallons of gasoline, a local told the paper.
GasBuddy, in an update on April 17, reported that six states have seen the lowest average prices in more than 10 years. They include Wisconsin, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, and Oklahoma.

“The most recent data is even steeper, with transactions in April showing that gasoline demand has eroded by 50-70 percent over levels in late February and early March, with millions of Americans continuing to follow stay-at-home orders and not venturing out on the road,” the website says.

The average across the United States has plunged to $1.79 per gallon.

“To have thought at the beginning of the year we’d be in the place we are would truly have been impossible, new and multi-year records continue to be written when it comes to gasoline prices,” stated Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.

He added, “It’s staggering to know that in five of these six states we haven’t seen these gasoline prices in over 15 years, and for many of us, we watch from the living room window, adhering to the orders to stay at home. But there is strong potential that we will see gas prices this summer far lower than our previous expectations, and I’m hopeful by then we’re safely able to enjoy it.”

In a Twitter post, De Haan wrote that so far, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Wisconsin have seen gas prices drop below $1 per gallon in some areas.
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