Apartment Pool Where Girl Drowned Had Recent Code Violations

June 5, 2018 Last Updated: June 5, 2018

The Meadow Creek Apartments complex pool where 4-year-old Moriah Anthony drown on June 2, has been in violation of the code twice in recent years for the water being too murky.

The girl’s family is blaming the apartment complex for having murky water that prevented them from seeing the child at the bottom of the pool. At first, they called the police thinking that she had wondered off, paramedics decided to check the cloudy water where the body was discovered.

The city has agreed that the water at that apartment complex is cloudy and the family believes that that prevented the rescue.

“This 4-year-old girl did not even have an opportunity to live,” said little girl‘s granduncle, Javier Contreras.

The family was at the apartment pool Sunday evening when Moriah disappeared.

“We thought maybe she just ran across or somebody had abducted her, we did not know,” said Contreras.

Garland’s first responders were called to the seen. Their instincts and experience told them she was most likely in the pool, but for the murky water, she would have been seen. Police said several people dove in before a paramedic found her body at the bottom of the pool.

“The pool was just not in the condition that you can see at the bottom,” explained the attorney for the family, Daryl Washington.

According to the city health department, the pool has a history of that. It has received four violations in the past three years—two for not maintaining clear water. But on May 18 the city did deem the pool compliant and ready to open for the summer according to its records.

The city workers checked the water on June 3 and stated that the pool was visible to about to 2 feet and that it looked cloudy but the maintenance worker kept the pool open and didn’t check the chemicals because there were too many people in the pool. The city requires chemical tests daily.

Gabriella Cox a resident at the Meadow Creek apartment said, “The bottom of the pool is like dirty its been like this since last year.”

“It’s just sad it’s sad that a situation like this would happen—a situation like this was preventable,” said Washington.

“We are doing the best that we can to make sure that we ensure that this doesn’t ever happen again,” said Contreras.

Police have closed their investigation and no one has been charged.

According to the health department, the apartment complex will be ticketed for the violations that were discovered.

The apartment complex has no comment.