An inspiring Interview With CEO, – India’s Fastest Growing Online Coupon Portal

February 13, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

The coupon website industry is a hard one to delve into and only some of the brightest minds have succeeded. One of these minds joined me in an interview and some profound things were said as well as shedding light about on why his new site beats the rest. Today I am sharing an interesting conversation with Mr. Abdul Sattar, CEO, Couponmachine. Couponmachine is one of the most reliable names in a crowd of innumerable coupon websites. In just a short span, the company has carved a niche for itself in the market.  Judging its potential, it has been funded for $140K by an curious and intelligent investor from the UK.  The young energetic CEO of this prominent website shares his journey of taking Couponmachine to this level .   Let us discover how this $6k site reached to $200K in just 6 months!

Please tell us about couponmachine. How does a consumer benefited by your website?

Couponmachine is a coupon website that offers updated coupons and deals of different e-stores.   We have an extensive list of e-stores for which we offer deals and coupons.  Who doesn’t want to save and that’s why we are here! We want to help people save money whenever they buy anything online.    Availing our coupons and deals, consumers can save a big amount of money and can buy more. Isn’t it a wonderful idea that they can get these coupons free of cost and use them to save on their shopping bills!  We have a huge number of visitors who trust our offerings and deals and return to us whenever they want to buy something.

Please explain the concept behind Couponmachine.

Our idea is to provide extreme convenience to online consumers and help them save money on whatever they want to purchase.  To achieve our objective, we collect coupons from different stores and put them at one platform that is Couponmachine.  Whenever a person wants to purchase a product, he will check the store from our website, and browse through the list of coupons and deals. Once he selects a coupon, he will be directed to the particular deal at that store page.  Using that coupon code while making final payment, he will get a discount.  There is no need for bargaining or haggling, just have coupon and get discount!

Another thing is that the design of the website is highly user-friendly . Visitors can easily access most updated coupon with 2-3 clicks and within a few minutes. We do not want them to waste their time searching for coupons. We believe in offering completely pleasant user experience.

When did Couponmachine start and what is the initial investment?

Couponmachine was launched in August, 2014.   We put a very small amount of $500 as an initial investment.  This money was spent in basic essential of the website such as website design, development, hosting, etc.  Yeah! Despite this small initial investment, we did really well.

Please tell us something about your team.

We have a very enthusiastic team to work with us. All of them are young professionals and expert in their jobs. Currently, our team is comprised of nine people working full-time to make it a success. Three of them update coupons and other two take care of marketing. In addition, three writers take care of the content that keeps the website alive with information. Designing is handled by an expert professional. I am really proud of my team.

 What is your marketing strategy and how do you get into competition?

Before I answer this question, let me say our entire focus is on doing an excellent job and that’s why we never tried to enter any competition.  Our sole aim is to provide extreme customer satisfaction. We want our visitors to be happy with our offerings and that’s why we strive hard to provide them with reliable information and updated coupons and deals.  We do not want to disappoint even a single visitor coming to our website and exit without getting satisfied.

  Our marketing strategy is very simple; continuous flow of content. Since its inception, we have posted lots of content and this is an ongoing activity. We plan to update more than 200 coupons daily. In addition, we also invested in Facebook adverts, PPC, and  Adwords to extend our reach to wider audience in different regions.   One of the interesting facts, we came to know just recently that our website is the only one that is updating coupons most actively for most stores.

Tell something about how Couponmachine generate revenue?

Generating revenue from a coupon website is no secret now days! We simply redirect our visitors to our partner merchant site. Whenever a customer sent by us buys something from that store, we are paid a commission for that. However, it takes dedicated work and commitment to create a trusted name in a horde of coupon websites.

What makes your website exclusive?

The fact that we strive to offer the best to our visitors sets us apart from our competitors. We work towards providing high-quality content having accuracy.  To provide excellent user experience, we keep upgrading design and algorithm. Also, we make sure to give users exclusive discounts and looking at our popularity, merchants are also willing to provide us with high-quality coupons   that help us have an extra edge over our competitors.

What are your future plans?

We are encouraged by the response we received for Couponmachine. We are now planning to expand our reach to newer regions.  In future, we will set up coupon websites in Singapore and Malaysia.

What is the message you want to convey to new affiliates?

 I am proud that CouponMachine’s  worth value raised from 6k to 200k in just 5 months . However, it didn’t happened on its own. It took lots of hard work, which is still going on.  I have just one thing to say,   a good content strategy along with extensive marketing   are essentials of this business to strike the right cord!

I’d like to thank Abdul Sattar for taking the time to talk to me as he gets requests for interviews often. This was a great interview and watch out for CouponMachine as it is growing fast and can be seen at!