Amy Duggar Engaged to Boyfriend Dillon King, Report Says (+Photos)

January 8, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Amy Duggar, the cousin of the main Duggar clan, is engaged to her boyfriend, according to a new report.

Amy is sometimes features in the Duggar show 19 Kids and Counting–one of the last episodes of last season showed an update on her journey of trying to become a famous singer.

A source told OK! Magazine that Amy, whose real last name is Jordan, is engaged to her boyfriend Dillon King. 

“Amy’s telling everyone they’re getting married,” the source said.

Amy, 28, is Jim Bob Duggar’s niece. 

Dillon, 27, owns a printing firm. 

Speculation about the future of the relationship started after Amy created a joint Instagram account titled “Dill and Duggs,” although it appears she later deleted it. 

Amy isn’t that involved with the rest of the Duggars, but she does spend some time with them and most recently weighed in on a rumor that Jim Bob was trying to set up his oldest daughter Jana with former football star Tim Tebow. “Jana and I laughed so hard about this, we’ve never even met Tim Tebow,” she wrote on Instagram.


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Amy also doesn’t follow as strict of an interpretation of Christianity as Jim Bob and his children do. For instance, Jim Bob requires his children not kiss their partners until they’re married, and also forbids them and their partners from being along together until wed. 

Amy and Dillon, on the other hand, appear to often enjoy each other’s company away from others, and have also shared pictures kissing.


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