Cool Photos of Look-Alikes: No Relation, But Nearly Identical

By Walter Zhang
Walter Zhang
Walter Zhang
December 12, 2013 Updated: December 12, 2013

A Canadian photographer has found more than 200 pairs of people who are not related but whose features are more than 90 percent similar.

François Brunelle became a portrait photographer in 1969 and focused his study on the differences and similarities of facial features. Friends often told him he looks like the British Comedian Rowen Atkinson, commonly known as “Mr. Bean.”

Brunelle decided to look for other non-consanguinity (not related) twins, also known as Doppelgängers.

Embarking on his search in 2000, he solicited the help of the media.

More Than Just Looks in Common

The non-consanguinity twins he found often had more in common than just their looks. Some had similar hobbies and even life experiences.

Nina-Rose Singh (Hamilton, Canada) and Anna Rubin (Toronto, Canada ) were born the same day, one hour apart. They both studied dancing, moved to Montréal, and got tattoos at the same tattoo parlor. It was then that they heard about each other and their striking resemblance.

A friend introduced them and they became fast friends. It turns out they even lived in the same building.

Another look-alike duo shared an interest in weather. One became a weatherman on television, the other kept detailed temperature logs as a teenager for fun.

Brunelle admits the coincidences may have a supernatural root.

Some people believe in split reincarnation: at death one’s soul splits in two and reincarnated into two separate beings; or more than one soul controls a single body and when a person dies, each soul reincarnates separately.

Brunelle said: “I am less excited by the success of the project around the world and more focused on what I need to do. The project has impacted me a lot, because I am doing this project with the help of so many people.”

He asks anyone who knows of look-alikes out there to get in touch with him via his website as he continues his search. 

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Walter Zhang
Walter Zhang