Amal Alamuddin Quit Smoking for George Clooney

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October 1, 2014 Updated: October 1, 2014
The British human rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin, who married the ‘Monuments Men’ star in Venice, Italy last weekend, reportedly went “cold turkey” after she started dating the Oscar winner last October and has never been happier.
The 36-year-old beauty’s close friend Jae Kim told guests in her wedding speech: “She quit smoking and ever since she met George she has been on time. I had never seen her smile like that. She has had that smile for almost a year straight.”
Alamuddin’s decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle comes as no surprise, as Clooney previously admitted he is “a big non-smoker.”
While promoting ‘Good Night, and Good Luck’ in 2005, he told Interview magazine: “My grandparents back in Kentucky owned a tobacco farm. So to make money in the summer we could cut and chop and top and house and strip the tobacco. It sure made you not want to smoke.”
He added: “You know I had 10 great aunts and uncles on my father’s side, and six of them died of lung cancer. Rosemary [Clooney’s aunt] died of lung cancer, too, and she had emphysema. Both of my grandparents died of lung cancer. So I got quite a lesson in the payback later in life of smoking, and if you keep it up how bad it can be.”
Meanwhile, the 53-year-old star’s father Nick Clooney also made an emotional speech at their wedding and revealed his son was a “nervous groom,” according to PEOPLE magazine, after “getting down on one basketball battered knee and asking the savvy Amal to marry him” in April.