CM Punk, AJ Lee Update: Lee the New WWE Divas Champion, but No Sign of Punk

AJ Lee, who recently got married to wrestler CM Punk, returned to WWE RAW on Monday night.

Lee took the Divas Champion during the show.

“Paige … look, I just wanted to come out here and say that you’re right. This isn’t entirely easy for me to say but you’re right. I mean, you did what no woman in almost a year could do. You proved me wrong. You proved everyone wrong. And I know the kind of person I became. I let success go to my head. And, granted, I was the longest reigning Divas champion of all time. But I shouldn’t have rubbed it in everyone’s face like I did. I thought I was untouchable. And you gave me the slap of reality that I needed. So I wanted to return the favor. And say thank you and congratulations,” Lee said, according to CageSideSeast

According to not-too-credible reports, Lee has married Punk and the two are expecting a child.

When Lee took the championship, fans chanted “CM Punk” repeatedly throughout the show. said a few days ago: “There is a wild rumor going around that has in no way been confirmed, though you know that from all the disclaimers, but apparently AJ Lee may be pregnant and that’s why plans haven’t been made for her to return to WWE television.

“She married CM Punk on June 13 and is all moved in with him in Chicago, but now word making the rounds is they are settling down to have a family. If true, she may be gone for good. But, again, even with the disclaimers, we need to make extra clear that this hasn’t been confirmed anywhere just yet.”

However, the rumor about her getting pregnant is likely false because she probably wouldn’t be wrestling in a ring if that were the case.

There’s been no word if Punk will return to the WWE.

For his part, Punk has been tweeting a bit. “Due to insomnia I’ve seen 6 hours of nazis on the smithsonian channel and can recite an entire Jockey bra infomercial. #panzerschokolade,” he wrote.

He also tweeted: “Sick of people telling me I don’t do anything. I just watched 40 hours of Game of Thrones.”