Afghanistan Veteran Surprises Son at College Graduation

May 3, 2019 Updated: May 23, 2019

Our military veterans have served our country faithfully for years and are legends for us all to live up to. They’ve seen horrors the likes of which the rest of us can only imagine in our darkest nightmares. Their bravery is unrivaled, which is why they should always be treated with the highest levels of respect and appreciation. Indeed, seeing a military veteran reuniting with their family after months apart can be heart triggering—but when the said hero comes home specifically for their son’s university degree, it is one of the sweetest things that can be pictured.

Major Grimmett was deployed in Afghanistan before he left to go back home to witness his son’s graduation. No one could know, which was why he snuck into the graduation hall and hid at the back, behind his family’s seats, until his son’s name was called. As soon as this happened, he leaped to his feet and—cheering loudly—cried out his son’s name. Both the son and his family promptly forced him into a bone-crushing hug. The familial bond between those individuals is so strong, that you’ll find yourself working to make amends with yours.