[VIDEO] Adoring German shepherd daddy dog COMFORTS proud new mommy dog of 5 lovely puppies

December 4, 2017 Last Updated: December 23, 2017

Every mother, whether human or non-human, knows that giving birth is probably the most exhilarating, yet exciting experience that one may have in one’s life and that nothing beats having your partner by your side to support you!

This German shepherd canine couple is sharing the simple joy of being in each other’s presence after having gone through the unforgettable experience of the birth of their 5 pups. To show he cares, the male tenderly licks her on the snout to comfort her. She, in turn, looks at him lovingly in the eye.

They are now the proud parents of adorable and intelligent German shepherd puppies. Although their coats appear pure black, they will come to resemble their parents as they grow.

Watch as the “doting dad” and “loving partner” showers the mother of his children with tons of kisses-so much empathy—so much compassion—this video is a proof that male animals are “aware” of what their female counterparts undergo when birthing or feeding.

All creatures great and small are endowed with the innate ability to empathize, love and protect their near and dear ones.