Adam Levine: Rocking Gregg Alexander and The Academy Awards

January 30, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016


IT’S GREGG ALEXANDER!!!    NO, IT’S ADAM LEVINE!!!     No, Gregg Alexander!  No, Adam Levine! It’s the both of them!    Well.. no.  It’s neither.  Big sigh.  Let’s break all of this down and get it straight.

It’s Oscar night and one of nominated Best Songs  is Adam Levine’s Lost Stars from the film Begin Again.  But Adam isn’t the one nominated for an Oscar (and what a pity he couldn’t be included).  The truth of the matter is that Levine’s Lost Stars was written by The New Radicals front man Gregg Alexander (Writer of Game of Love and You Only Get What You Give) and his musical partner Ms. Danielle Brisebois.  Ah, so that’s what the deal is.  Yep. And with that being said, let’s not dismiss the fiery and stirring vocals that stole our  hearts while we were all sitting back with our popcorn watching John Carney’s Begin Again.

I know I remember the first time I heard it, and I’ve seen it about three more times since. A resounding “Wow” leapt from within me.  Upon hearing Lost Stars, I not only fell in love with the song, I fell in love with the vocals that brought this tune to life.   Those vocals belonged to first time actor and long time singer-musician Adam Levine of Maroon 5.  Now months later I have downloaded both Alexander/Brisebois tunes Lost Stars and No One Else Like You and I can’t stop listing to Levine belt out these tunes. 



Adam Levine with Songwriters Danielle Brisebois and Gregg Alexander 

Epoch Times Photo

Admittedly, I really am not familiar with the entire catalog of Maroon 5 songs, only their most popular.  I was familiar with Moves Like Jagger, Payphone, Daylight, and Misery.  But I insist that Levine’s most popular Maroon 5 songs have not at all complimented his vocal range. Not at all.  I’m sticking to this story.  I’ve been utterly blown away by his vocals from the Begin Again soundtrack.

During the course of my day as I find myself singing along to Lost Stars and No One Else Like You I become more and more enamored with Levine’s rollercoaster vocals.   The Tenor, the high notes and the low notes.  While I can hear Gregg Alexander’s voice as the man who composed the tune along with Danielle Brisebois, I suddenly appreciate that Levine’s vocals polished off these two productions and the finished product is utterly soul-stirring.   Levine belts out these tunes while I’m sitting on the bus or at my computer rocking and swaying to his vocals.

In No One Else Like You he’s sexy and deep when he’s bringing it down low and singing “Cause Everyone Want’s Someone…..”  


ADAM LEVINE sings Alexander and Brisebois’ NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU

Then his high tenor rocks it out when he brings it back up singing:                                                                           “….And looks like yoooou! Feels Like Yoooou! Smiles like yoooou!

Then I’m rocking wildly and trying to sing along in my Levine voice as he turns it up high singing:                                                                                                                                                            

“… as crazy as it seems – JUST YOOOOOOOU!  YES YOOOOOOOU!”

Then he finale’s with a mixture of  highs and lows that you can’t help but sing along to:        “Cause there’s no else! There’s no one else! There’s no one else! There’s no one else. There’s no one else. There’s no one else… I NEED YOUR HEEELLLP!  Cause you’re so fiiiiiiiiine.  You’re so fiiiiiiiiine.  You’re so fiiiiiiiine. ”                                                                                                 

While I know these vocal prints belong to Gregg Alexander, and I can actually hear Gregg’s voice in my head, I can’t imagine another vocalist bringing these lyrics to life with Levine’s spirited energy and perfect range.  A range that I could never detect in any of his Maroon 5 hits.  

Of course this range certainly applies Lost Stars as well.  Levine simply rocks this Gregg Alexander / Danielle Brisebois soundtrack.   He opens up with a high and  gentle… “Please, don’t see….”… and then down to his tenor… “.. Just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies.”  He evokes tears when he passionately cries out, “… don’t you dare let out best memories bring you sorrow, yesterday I saw a lion kiss a dear.”  And even again when he belts out his high pitched, “… and I thought I saw you out there crying! Whoo-hoo-hooooo.  And I thought I heard you call my name! Yay! Yay! Yayee!”  And you realize you’re listening to a masterpiece courtesy of Alexander, Brisebois and Levine.  What a hell of a collaboration.  The best I’ve seen in years.  This tune deserves an Oscar… just plain and simple.  I’ve been in love with it since I first heard it, and knew it was something special.  My thoughts were validated when it was finally nominated for an Oscar for Best Song. 


LEVINE singing the Oscar nominated LOST STARS written by Alexander & Brisebois.

It was announced about four days ago that Levine had been chosen to sing Gregg and Danielle’s Lost Stars at the Academy Award ceremonies this coming February 22.   But who better to sing the song?  It’s decidedly my only reason to stay up and watch the awards presentation this year. My mind and heart is stuck on Levine belting out this masterpiece in front of the Academy’s global audience.  This is the glory and honor that both Levine and the writers richly deserve. 

I’ve fallen just as much in love with Levine’s exceptional vocals as I did with the Alexander / Brisebois composition.  If anybody can rock a Gregg Alexander tune better than Gregg… it would have to be Levine. It’s my hope they can collaborate together again sooner than later.   I think Gregg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois may have found their go-to vocalist in Levine and I can’t wait to hear more. 

Make sure you don’t miss Levine sing this nominated masterpiece, Lost Stars –  on Sunday, February 22, 2015 on ABC.   You can also see Adam Levine perform as an actor in Begin Again as well.  He pulls off a rather solid performance as a singer named Dave Kohl who dumps his trusted love after becoming a music industry idol.   Begin Again is now available on video.  See it before Oscar night and find out what all of the great buzz is about.  You can read my review of Begin Again here


“When All Is Said And Done…. You’ll Go To The Movies”  –  JWL

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